Infiniti QX80 2024: New Design and Price

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Infiniti QX80 2024: New Design and Price. As one of the oldest models in the class, this luxury SUV is expcted to receive a comlpete overhaul in the near future. According to some reports, that could happen already in the next year. The current generation has been around for almost a decade and despite the recent facelift, it definitely needs changes. Considering that the new Patrol is on its way, we could expect the same from this one as well. At this point, we can’t say will it be ready by the end of next year or not, but we will call it Infiniti QX80 2024 for now.

Big novelties are expected from this luxury SUV, which has always been famous for its excellent driving characteristics. We count on more luxury, improved efficiency and loads of new technologies. Novelties under the hood are expected as well, though the current V8 will probably carry on.

Infiniti QX80 2024

Infiniti QX80 2024 Redesign

The upcoming redesign will bring a lot of novelties for sure, but the interesting thing is that the core of the new model will remain the same. According to the latest reports, Nissan is willing to stick to a well-known F-Alpha architecture, which makes sense. The current model already delivers a pretty amazing driving experience, while the comfort is on a high level.

Of course, the new model will improve these aspects even more, but we also count on better efficiency. We count on a notable weight reduction, which will ensure higher mpg ratings, as well as improved performances.

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Infiniti QX80 2024


Infiniti models are known for amazing aesthetics, so expectations from the Infiniti QX80 2024 are pretty big. The current generation has been updated a couple of years ago. The new version follows the design language of the Monograph concept and all we can say is that it looks amazing for its age. Therefore, we probably won’t see radical changes in terms of styling. The evolution of Inifiniti’s design lanuage will continue, so we count on a lot of curvy lines in the future as well, despite that we are talking about a BoF SUV.

In terms of size and proportions, we don’t expect significant changes. The current model measures around 121 inches in wheelbase, which is pretty much typical size for the class. Of course, the new model will probably be slightly bigger, but that won’t be significant. Still, every increase means benefits, particularly in terms of the interior space.

Infiniti QX80 2024

Infiniti QX80 2024 Engines

Of course, the Infiniti QX80 2024 redesign should bring novelties under the hood. However, the current 5.6-liter V8 will definitely carry on. It currently delivers around 400 horsepower, but we count on a slight boost for this occasion. More importantly, we expect better mpg ratings, considering that the current version isn’t particularly economical. This unit, we could also see a smaller and more efficient V6 unit in the offer. On the other side, a hybrid model definitely won’t come.

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Interior Design

This is the aspect where we expect the biggest improvements. The current model still looks good, particularly in terms of materials quality. Also, the cabin is pretty spacious and offers generous cargo volume. Still, the dashboard design definitely shows its age. With a decade-old design, it can’t compete with much younger rivals in terms of aesthetics. We expect that the2023 Infiniti QX80 interior will look much better in this aspect.

Besides more style, the new model should also come with loads of new technologies. Still, we should say that the current model is already pretty good in this aspect, as all models come standard with things like 13-speaker Bose premium sound system, Bluetooth, four USB ports, satellite radio, a navigation system, voice controls, and an 8-inch touch screen. Still, touchscreen and infotainment system are outdated. Graphics aren’t great, while it also lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Fortunately, this will change soon.

Infiniti QX80 202

Infiniti works on a new infotainment system

One of the big novelties for all models under this badge will be a new infotainment system. As you probably know, newer models feature a dual-touchscreen setup. According to the latest reports, these two screens will merge into one, quite huge toucscreen.

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Allegedly, this screen will replace all physical control on the center console, We have seen something similar in the new VW Touareg, which features a 15-inch touchscreen. We also expect better menu navigation and, generally, more intuitive software, as well as new connectivity features, including smartphone integration.

Infiniti QX80 2024 Release Date and Price

Although we are still waiting for the official confirmation, the new Infiniti QX80 2024 could arrive already by the end of next year. When it comes to the price, the current model starts at around 65.000 dollars. The price of the new model will probably be a little bit higher. When it comes to the competition, the Lexus LX is the first one that comes to mind, but there are also models like Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator etc