Infiniti QX80 2024: New Platform and Specs

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Infiniti QX80 2024: New Platform and Specs. The new generation of the QX80 full-size SUV will be built on the Monograph Concept. The Infiniti QX80 2024 will launch the third series of this nameplate after ten years in a current generation. Infiniti could add Apple CarPlay for the QX80’s infotainment system.

The new Infiniti QX80 2024 SUV will be as stylish as its predecessors were. The new Monograph concept will make the vehicle bolder and elegant. The powerful V8 lays under the hood of the Infiniti QX80 2024.

Infiniti QX80 2024


Infiniti QX80 2024 Configurations and Packages

There will be one new level of equipment available for Infiniti QX80 2024. It comes with all possible upgrades and features the QX80 full-size SUV is offering.

One of the coolest addition to the Infiniti QX80 2024 will remain the Theater Package. The USB port is there for passengers in the back seat, so they can play their favorite movie or TV show. Buyers can also opt for packages with more safety and alert features.

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Infiniti QX80 2024

Infiniti QX80 2024 Drivetrain

Under the bonnet of the Infiniti QX80 2024, everything remains the same. The new QX80 will be one of the most potent SUVs in the premium market with towing capacity over 8,500 pounds. Well, its fuel consumption pays the price.

Infiniti QX80 2024 Redesign and New Generation

The new Monograph Concept is ready and the Infiniti QX80 will use it as architecture for the next generation. Already in 2024, we can expect production.

The Monograph platform was released in 2017 as the new full-size SUV. Now it takes a large portion in building the next Infiniti QX80 2024. The front fascia is stunning, and totally fits Infiniti’s design language.

Infiniti QX80 2024



Well, all predecessors of the Infiniti QX80 2024 stood out with its elegance and features. We will also see a new feature there– Apple CarPlay. Owners of previous QX80 editions didn’t have this service.

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The safety is on the highest level thanks to the premium driver assist package. Many sensors will detect a potential danger and warn a driver.

Infiniti QX80 202

Infiniti QX80 2024 Release Date

It will have time to show off because the Infiniti QX80 2024 is not coming so soon. We will likely have to wait until 2024 to see the SUV. It will pay off when the new generation hits the showrooms.

The price of the next-gen Infiniti QX80 2024 will jump for a couple of guards. With Monograph concept, Apple CarPlay, and other advanced features, it can go very near to the six-digit price.