Honda Passport 2024: Price and Changes

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Honda Passport 2024: Price and Changes. Honda is expanding its SUV lineup and the newest addition is the Honda Passport 2024 This is an all-new crossover, which will hit the market soon, probably already in the next month. If this name sounds familiar to you, that’s because the Japanese manufacturer already used it in the ’90s. At that time, it was a classic body-on-frame SUV, which lots of off-road capabilities. Things are different these days in the automotive industry, so there is not much space for such vehicles.

The new Passport will be a modern unibody crossover, mounted on a unibody platform. As you may presume, it will have a lot in common with the Pilot, though it will be a little bit smaller and probably more athletic. As we already mentioned, the new model should hit the market pretty soon.

Honda Passport 2024

Honda Passport 2024 Engine

Once again, plenty of similarities with the pilot. The Honda Passport 2024 will feature the same 3.5-liter V6 engine, which delivers around 280 horsepower. In the Pilot, this engine can be paired with either 6-speed automatic, which is standard, or with 9-speed automatic transmission. In both cases, FWD is standard, while AWD is also available. Compared to the Pilot, we expect slightly better fuel economy, which in this crossover goes around 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway, which are typical ratings for the class.

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Honda Passport 2024

Honda Passport 2024 Redesign

Unlike the original Passport which was a classic SUV, the new one will be a modern crossover. At this point, we know most of the details about the new model. It is certain that the Honda Passport 2024 will take the place between a compact CR-V and a mid-size Pilot. Still, it will be much closer to the Pilot. It will also be a mid-size crossover. As you probably know, three rows of seating became pretty much a standard for this segment. Many carmakers still offer crossovers with just two rows. These models are usually more athletic and designed to provide a better driving experience. Two rows of seats are just enough for most of us.

Honda will have its represented in this sub-segment. Compared to the Pilot, it will be smaller. It will keep the same wheelbase, which means a lot of benefits. Despite the Pilot is already one of the class-leaders when it comes to interior space, the new Honda Passport 2024 will offer even more legroom, considering that only two rows will be mounted on the same wheelbase. Count on shorter overhangs, as well as on higher ground clearance. In practice, this means more off-road potentials, which would definitely make this crossover more exciting to drive.

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Honda Passport 2024 Styling

In terms of the styling, there is no doubt that the new Honda Passport 2024 will be fitted to the company’s newest design language. We expect to see a front end that is quite similar to the Pilot. Of course, count on a couple of distinctive details. At this point, we knew that the new crossover will feature a slightly different grille, probably blacked. A couple of unique details are expected on other parts of the crossover. Still, the Honda Passport 2024 won’t get so-called coupe-crossover body style, which has become hugely popular in the past several years. This crossover will stick closely to a wagon-like design, so we can be sure that the new model won’t be just good-looking, but also very practical.

Honda Passport 2024

Honda Passport 2024 Interior

On the inside, we expect a lot on influence from the Pilot. This particularly refers to the dashboard, which should feature pretty much the same design, with minimal differences. On the other side, the overall layout will be slightly different. As we already mentioned, the new model will feature the same wheelbase as the Pilot. On the other side, it will come with two rows of seating, which indicates even more legroom. We could on a generous cargo area.

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Lots of practicality, the new models will be well-equipped too. We count on the same trim level organization as in the Pilot, which is available in four familiar versions– Sport, EX-L, Touring, and Elite.

Honda Passport 2024

Honda Passport 2024 Release Date and Price

The Honda Passport 2024 will hit the market pretty soon. Latest reports suggest this will happen in about a month. When it comes to the price, we still don’t have exact figures. Still, if we consider that base Pilot versions go around 31.500 dollars, we can presume that this one will probably feature a starting price of around 30.000 dollars. Despite there aren’t many two-row mid-size crossovers anymore, there is still a fine number of potential rivals. Some of the models with similar characteristics are crossovers like Ford Edge, Nissan Murano, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport etc.