Ford Super Chief 2024: Specs and Tri-Fuel

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Ford Super Chief 2024: Release Date and Tri-Fuel. There is a high possibility that we will see the 2024 Ford Super Chief in production. Far, we believed that the Ford Super Chief 2024 is built on F-250 truck. The concept stays in the Super Duty segment, but it chooses F-350 as its base.

So, what is the 2024 Ford Super Chief? It is a special edition of the super duty truck. It is going to use three different versions of fuel. Ford had an idea of the engine that will be able to use hydrogen, ethanol, and petrol. The realization of this project is no so simple, and the company hit the block. Now it is time to see what will 2024 Super Chief bring.

Ford Super Chief 2024

2024 Ford Super Chief Engine

As said, the new 2024 Ford Super Chief should be able to use three types of fuel. At the same time, the powertrain will use either ethanol, petrol, or hydrogen. The last one should minimize the emissions to zero. Ethanol is spread across the USA, so this one is cheap and also greener than petrol. Another advantage of this type of fuel is it is renewable.

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On the other hand, hydrogen is the cleanest. But, this type of fuel is going to make the 2024 Ford Super Chief pretty expensive. Much more expensive than the petrol versions of Super Duty trucks.

Ford Super Chief 2024

2024 Ford Super Chief Redesign & Specs

It seems like everybody is talking about the new fuel system. We believe that engineers will aim to create a beast for 2024 Super Chief. Its towing capacity and fuel economy will be downgraded.

Ford Super Chief 2024

2024 Ford Super Chief Release Date

Some hints say that 2024 Ford Super Chief will be another debut of the concept, with production coming after 2023. Well, for fans of this truck that is something after few years of silence. On the other hand, with louder stories about Ford F-150 Hybrid, the Super Chief could profit from its development. These two are pretty related in Ford’s plans for electrification. By 2030 there won’t be one vehicle with Blue Oval badge that is not going to have either electric or hybrid version. One of the first could be 2024 Ford Super Chief.

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Ford Super Chief 2024

2024 Ford Super Chief Price

Development of the new fuel system is everything but cheap. This is one of the reasons why we are waiting for the production for so long. Being built on F-350 architecture, the 2024 Ford Super Chief is going to be the most expensive version of this model. At this moment, that is Limited trim with price over $80,000. The Super Chief could reach $100k.

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