Volvo S90 2024: Review and Release Date

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Volvo S90 2024: Review and Release Date. Volvo Cars have released its newest car, the Volvo S90 2024. This car was officially introduced through the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). This Volvo S90 is predicted to be a tough competitor to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5-Series, and Audi A6 premium class sedans.

With the claim to be the next generation before, this sedan also becomes its own attraction, especially for sedan lovers. Volvo S90 is also called carrying qualified specifications as well as several sophisticated and modern features. Designs that are different glances in the eyes of consumers.

This can also be seen from the Volvo S90 design that is elegant and luxurious from various sides. The Volvo S90, which a Swedish factory makes, has better and more attractive specifications than the previous generation. This is what makes people interested in this car.

Volvo S90 2024


Features, Specs & Dimensions

By looking at the cabin’s spacious interior, of course, it can not be separated from the size of the Volvo S90 dimensions. Because this luxury sedan from Volvo has dimensions with a length of 4963mm, a width of 2022mm, the height reaches 1442mm, and a wheelbase of 2941mm.

With these dimensions, it is very natural that the Volvo S90 cabin space feels spacious, which will make the driver and passengers will have more room to move. Meanwhile, to support its weight, which reached 1915 kg in its highest series, Volvo is also equipped with strong and sturdy legs.

The Double Wishbone type suspension will be embedded in the front side of this car, and the rear suspension will rely on the Multi-Link type. Both of them will be able to reduce the shock or reduce when passing through potholes so that the passengers inside will still feel comfortable.

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The wheels will be equipped with different sizes for each variant. The Volvo S90 T5 momentum and T6 momentum variants will be equipped with P245/ 45VR18 tires on the front and rear. Unlike the other variants, namely T5 inscriptions and T6 inscriptions.

T5 Inscription and T6 inscriptions will use P255/ 40VR19 tires on the front and back sides for variants. Thus, as a whole, it can be concluded that the Volvo S90 specifications in this dimension are fairly fitting and accompanied by sturdy legs.

Volvo S90 2024

Volvo S90 2024 Redesign – The Luxurious And Elegant

Volvo S90 2024 exterior is amazing because of its luxury and elegance. This can be seen from the shape and design of the body it carries. Starting from the front, Volvo has equipped DRL LED headlamps with a design concept that looks narrow and sharp.

Thus, the Volvo S90’s courage and authority are increasingly apparent. The grille is also designed with a unique Volvo premium design that further strengthens its identity as a high-class sedan. Step on the side sector, subtle strokes, and side skirts look smooth but firm.

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It makes the appearance more attractive and stunning. It also looks like the latest door handle that makes the Volvo S90 more modern. The rear of no less luxurious designed more rigid with a stop lamp “B” makes the Volvo S90 more luxurious and futuristic.

A new bumper and trapezium-shaped muffler also seem so in tune make it look more attractive. Thus, it can be said that overall, the specifications of this car has a design that is so luxurious and elegant that it will be able to make every consumer smitten with this premium sedan.

Volvo S90 2024

Volvo S90 2024 Interior Comes With Scandinavian Concept

Now is the time we will enter the interior space of the Volvo S90 specifications. It seems, not only in the physical sector but also in the Volvo S90 2024 interior. It is also presented with a spacious cabin space with an interior appearance that is luxurious and elegant.

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This is reflected in the use of leather layers and a combination of wood panels on the dashboard, center console, and door trim. Some entertainment panels that are so complete and integrated are also installed on the dashboard of the Volvo S90.

As with the pinned touch screen, Census Connect Touchscreen System is so dominating in the middle of the dashboard. The screen’s width certainly reduces the navigation panel or button, replaced in the touchscreen model. Thus, the dashboard display also looks so clean and seems very futuristic.

Besides, to support the Volvo S90 audio system and provide comfort when driving, Volvo also provides this sedan with 10 Crystal Sound Bower & Wilkins and Satellite Radio speakers to provide a more solid sound when playing favorite music.

Do not stop there, and the steering wheel is also equipped with various navigation buttons that have been integrated with the navigation system on the Volvo S90 dashboard features. Thus, the driver can control the navigation system without disturbing the view in front while driving this sedan.

Then, the soft leather seat of Nappa Leather also complements the luxury of the Volvo S90 specifications, which will make users feel more comfortable for long in the car. All the features provided on the Volvo S90 interior indeed make sedan fans very interested and enticed to own this car.

Volvo S90 2024

Volvo S90 2024 Price, Release Date & Configurations

Volvo S90 is indeed presented to enliven the automotive market in the luxury sedan segment. It’s no wonder that this Volvo S90 2024 price is quite high. Plus, the interior has been equipped with several advanced features ready to provide comfort to its users. There is no official information about the release date of this next-gen luxury sedan.

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Especially in the engine sector, this sedan will rely on the type of Turbocharged engine ready to give a fierce burst of power. This luxury sedan will also be more complete with several modern features ready to support safety and comfort in driving.

Equipped with qualified specifications, of course, the price of the Volvo S90 is quite high. For T5 Momentum, priced at $46,950, T5 Inscription is priced at $49,650. The T6 Momentum type is pegged at $52,950, and for the Volvo S90 type, T6 Inscription is $55,450.

Of course, with the official price of this sedan to make a premium car. On the other hand, the price difference is based on a different kitchen runway, which can be chosen according to consumers’ tastes or needs.

The car that comes with luxury and elegance is aimed at lovers of sedans, and Volvo succeeded in making automotive lovers, especially sedans, captivated. With all the features offered, the Volvo S90 2024 is the right choice for sedan lovers.