Toyota Sequoia 2024: Release Date and Price

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Toyota Sequoia 2024: Release Date and Price. The redesign of the largest Toyota’s SUV will present some radical cuts and changes The last time when Sequoia was updated, designers made only cosmetic treatment. And now, a big overhaul of the Toyota Sequoia 2024 will be the first one since the second generation is on the market. Well, after twelve years, it was time.

The new SUV will carry over the latest changes we saw in 2022/2024 season. That means LED headlights and DRLs are going to be there on the base models. Exterior will get few more colors, and there are two possible big additions for the Toyota Sequoia 2024. The first one is the TRD Pro package. The SUV offers Toyota Racing Development features, but much lighter Sport version. With Pro suite, Sequoia would join 4Runner, the only SUV with this set of accessories. As you know, Tundra and Tacoma are other two models that offer TRD Pro trim level. The other noteworthy upgrade is a diesel engine.

The 2024 Sequoia will be specific because every trim offers different features and parts. From the first sight, fans are able to recognize which version of big SUV is on the road thanks to unique grills for each model. And there will be at least five trim levels in 2024. Some cool features became parts of the standard package, the new Sequoia will add even more equipment in safety and comfort sections.

Toyota Sequoia 2024

Toyota Sequoia 2024 Configurations– At Least 5 Trim Levels

The new Toyota Sequoia 2024 will carry over all the existing configurations. That means the entry-level remains SR5, mid-range TRD Sport and Limited, and top of the class is 2024 Sequoia Platinum. A heavily-packed model will come with unique 20-inch wheels and captain’s chairs in the second row. Special infotainment system includes a Blu-Ray disc player and premium audio. Navigation is standard.

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Toyota Sequoia 2024 TRD Pro

After a lot of speculations, Toyota gave hints that the new 2024 Sequoia will get a TRD Pro suite. The vehicle will also keep the TRD Sport model, a lighter version of an off-road features package. Special shocks, suspensions, and tires will make this SUV an excellent solution of adventures in various terrains. Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner come with unique upgrades for each of their TRD Pro versions. We can only speculate what else we will see from Toyota Sequoia 2024.

Toyota Sequoia 2024

Toyota Sequoia 2024 Concept, Dimensions

The Toyota Sequoia 2024 will be again the largest SUV in its family. It is 205 inches long, which is 9 inches more than Land Cruiser. Its wheelbase is also longer than any other SUV with Toyota badge can offer (122 in). The vehicle is using a body-on-frame architecture and engineers are not going to replace it any time soon. At least not for such big vehicles. Instead, Toyota announced earlier, that all their BoF vehicles will be updated in the next couple of years.


Long wheelbase allows designers to make all they want with the cabin. The interior is large and there is room for three rows of seats. There is still enough space for the cargo behind seats, which are foldable. With the third row down, the volume for storing items increases to 67 cubic inches. When you fold the second row, there will be more than 120 cubic inches. The towing capacity of 7,500 pounds allows Sequoia to take all items for long family trips and journeys.

Passengers will have enough space. Well, the third row is not so generous as first two, but even taller persons can find enough legroom back there. The new Toyota Sequoia 2024 will offer seats for eight persons. Buyers can opt for captain’s chairs for the middle row, which cuts one seating position. Big rear doors and sliding second row make an entrance easy and comfortable.

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Space, the new Toyota Sequoia 2024 model will bring a lot of standard features. The company is not out with details. The total reconstruction is the key to an old cabin. Starting from materials that cover seats, dashboard, and upholstery, up to infotainment system and gauges design, the new 2024 Sequoia will present the all-new look. Spy photos are not available. The new model for 2022 is out, and the next one could appear on streets soon as the prototype.

Toyota Sequoia 2024

Toyota Sequoia 2024 Specs, Towing Capacity, Diesel

Under the hood of the Toyota Sequoia 2024 remains a 5.7-liter V8 unit. It is not going to be the only engine, but the base one. Later we will see why. The drivetrain is delivering 380 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration in all gears is excellent, and it is one of the advantages of the full-size SUVs. The transmission is a six-speed automatic. The cost of superb performance is bad fuel economy. This V8 engine returns only 15 mpg combined.

The situation is about to be better with a diesel engine. The Toyota Sequoia 2024 will share the same platform with Tundra truck, which is finally getting such drivetrain. Experts are pretty sure that its SUV stablemate is going to take advantage of this unit. We still don’t know which engine is that. Some say Toyota will tune a 3.0-liter 1KD-FTV to deliver more power. Turbocharged, this diesel engine will be capable to create over 450 lb-ft of torque.

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The maximum towing capacity of the properly equipped 2024 Sequoia will be 7,500 pounds with a petrol mill. Diesel, besides a better fuel economy, can tow more. With a new drivetrain, the 2024 model will probably offer maximum towing capacity over 10,000 lbs.

Toyota Sequoia 2024Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia 2024 Release Date and Price

The new model for 2022 is out. Toyota Sequoia 2024 has plenty of time for all upgrades. We believe that the SUV is not going to debut early. Late months of 2022 or first quarter in 2024 will be the perfect timing. Popular auto shows are taking place in that period, so the new model of Sequoia is going to shine at some of them.

All modifications are not going to affect the starting price of the SUV. Upgrades for the entry-level model are noteworthy, but Toyota still needs to keep a competitive price. Current Sequoia costs $54,000 which is already considered as one of the most expensive full-size SUVs. On the other hand, the Toyota Sequoia 2024 TRD Pro will cost over $65k. Its price could even match expected $70,000 sticker of the Platinum model.