Lincoln Mark E Coming Back 2024: Electric and Release Date

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Lincoln Mark E Coming Back 2024: Electric and Release Date. The dawn of this decade is marked by the emergence of various types of all-electric vehicles. From sports cars to trucks, all-electric models seem to be ubiquitous in all vehicle types. The Lincoln Mark E 2024 marks Lincoln’s first entry into the electric car market. It is expected to become one of the customers’ favorite choices because it is an SUV, a vehicle type that is rarely made all-electric.

In the 2010s, SUVs are mostly either fossil-powered vehicles or hybrids. More and more all-electric SUVs are coming starting from this year. If you are looking for a powerful SUV with excellent fuel economy, Lincoln Mark E can be a great choice.

Lincoln Mark E Coming Back 2024

Lincoln’s First In-House Electric SUV

The New Mark E SUV is not only Lincoln’s first all-electric SUV. It is also the company’s first to be built in-house. Originally, Lincoln planned to develop its first electric vehicle in collaboration with Rivian, an indie startup known for its ambitious EV project.

The new Lincoln’s electric SUV was originally expected to use Rivian’s R1S SUV; however, lately, this collaborative endeavor is canceled. Lincoln decides to build its first all-electric SUV in-house.

Lincoln Mark E Coming Back 2024

Lincoln Mark E 2024 Engine And Performance

It was quite easy to predict what was under the new SUV’s hood when Lincoln was still collaborating with Rivian. However, now that Lincoln decides to develop the Lincoln Mark E 2024 SUV in-house, the information becomes increasingly obscure.

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Comparing the new electric SUV with other models developed at approximately the same time will shed light on its performance. And if you are looking for the best model to compare with, Mustang Mach E is the best candidate, given that Lincoln is a division of Ford and that both SUVs are in the same class.

Looking under the electric Mustang’s hood, we can easily deduce the kind of powerhouse the New Mark E will likely use. The engine of the new Mustang electric SUV that will likely be adopted by the Lincoln Mark E 2024 SUV is the dual electric motors capable of generating up to 459 horsepower.

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Battery capacity is expected to be between 75.7 kWh and 98.8-kWh. The standard model is expected to feature an all-wheel-drive system in the drivetrain department, though other drivetrain systems may also be available as either standard or optional features.

Lincoln is always destined to be Ford’s luxury division, so some extra features not found in the Mustang SUV may also be added.

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These features are generally introduced to offer a luxury ride and an improved comfort level. Among these expected extra standard features include an adaptive suspension and a revamped interior.

Lincoln Mark E Coming Back 2024


Lincoln’s decision to release its first all-electric SUV is due to the competitive market saturated with many other all-electric models. Besides Rivian’s R1S, there are many other players with whom the Lincoln Mark E 2024 SUV has to compete with, including Upcoming Lexus LQ, Tesla Model X, Audi Q4 e-Tron, Volkswagen ID.4, Cadillac Lyriq, Nissan Ariya, and many more.

The competition is expected to be tough, which is definitely great for buyers as they can expect more features in the EV that they want to buy for a very competitive price. After this year, an electric vehicle, especially of the SUV category, will no longer be a mere concept car with an impossible price tag.

Lincoln Mark E 2024 Concept Design

Information about the visual look of the Upcoming Lincoln Electric SUV is revealed only by the 3D rendering circulating on the internet.

Overall, the design is not much different from that of the previous year’s Nautilus model, except that certain elements, such as headlights and fog lights, are made smaller and with a more angular touch.

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You can explore more about the design, including the interior, once the car’s prototype is revealed to the public.

Lincoln Mark E Coming Back 2024

Lincoln Mark E 2024 Price And Release Date

Information about the Lincoln Mark E 2024 SUV’s price and release date are still as obscure as its specifications. We can estimate that the price will start at around $70,000.

As for the release date, the coronavirus outbreak may push the date to sometime near the end of 2023, though we are confident that All-New Lincoln Mark E will already be on the road by the new year.