Dodge Caravan 2024

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024: Redesign and Price

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024: Redesign and Price. Dodge Grand Caravan 2024 Is a Minivan With third-row seating, has ample storage space, good safety & security, so what are the new things brought by this Dodge Minivan?

A minivan is one of the types of cars that have been everyone’s favorite for more than decades. And Dodge Grand Caravan series is a popular minivan, especially in the US and Canada. Almost every year, it releases a new model while upgrading some parts of the car.

However, as the oldest minivan roamed in the market, this car seems to want to retain its grand design. So, at a glance, there will be no change. Thus, people are waiting for the new model of the Dodge Grand Caravan 2024.

Dodge Caravan 2024

Engine Specs, Performance & Fuel Economy

The Dodge Grand Caravan uses 3.6 liters V6 engine. With this Pentastar V6, the Caravan can produce 284 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque at the best performance. This powertrain doesn’t feel bad at all; on the opposite, it makes this car one of the powerful models in the same class.

However, if count on the overall ride quality, one can say that the newest model of Dodge Grand Caravan isn’t perfect. One of the causes is that it becomes noisy when accelerating at a higher speed.

The engine of the Caravan comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission that makes it slow but smooth at the deceleration. As a result, this car’s acceleration is slower than its competitors.

On the other hand, this car is comfortable to ride, and the handle is also satisfying. The car also available in the 4WD setup. However, if you choose this setup, the fuel economy will drop though it’s not significant.

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024 Redesign

When talking about the latest Dodge Grand Caravan exterior, there is no major change in its appearance. This car uses a grand design that came from 2011, that’s why it may look out of date. However, this car is still undergoing some minor changes to makes it more modern and catchy.

On the front side, there will be a change in the size of the front fascia. Unlike before, the new Caravan will offer bigger and sharper front fascia to make this car looks more mainly. But, the main reason for this change is the installing of large headlights with LED technology.

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The front fascia is not the only thing that differs from the older version as the front grille also goes through the change. With that change, the front grille looks more elegant thanks to beautiful chrome details. On the side of this car, adding a new line makes it looks vastly different.

The exterior change also can be noticed from the lengthier rear glass, unlike the previous model. But aside from all of those, there is no change in the exterior of the new Caravan. That includes its big 20-inch alloy wheels.

Dodge Caravan 2024

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024 Interior & Volume

The newest Dodge Grand Caravan interior will be designed to be more comfortable, particularly for travelers. Even so, this minivan still retains its plastic interior and out of date dashboard.

However, aside from those, the interior of this car is quite fascinating. This Caravan will use Alcantara leather as the materials for its interior, which is a little luxurious for the car in the same class.

Dodge Caravan 2024

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024 SE Plus Interior

Like the other minivan, the latest Dodge Grand Caravan can consist of seven adults and still leaves room for children. The cabin is comfortable and also spacious, so it’s suited for a big family.

This minivan also adds something new for its interior such as a new chair design, which makes it look cooler. The company also installs a new infotainment method in this car to make the passenger enjoy the trips.

As a car that is made to please the travelers, this Caravan has a big cargo. There are a free 31,1 cubic feet spaces behind the third-row seat, and behind the second-row seat, there are 78,9 cubic feet of free space. These make the total cargo of this car is 140 cubic feet, and for the car in the same class, that number is high.

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024 All Wheel Drive

When talking about the performance of the car, we can’t forget about its fuel economy. Unfortunately, fuel economy isn’t the fortune of the latest Dodge Grand Caravan. When it’s rated, it’s known that this car’s fuel economy is only 17 mpg inside the city. While on the highway, the fuel economy is 25 mpg. Though it’s a little below average compared to the car in the same class, those numbers aren’t too bad.

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The Features

The Dodge Grand Caravan offers standard features for the base model. You will not find it in this minivan if you want to look for a minivan with various features. Some features available in this car are a 6,5-inch touchscreen and a 6-speed sound system, which is very basic. However, the higher trims provide more fascinating features such as navigation, satellite radio, a USB port, Bluetooth, and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system.

While the base model offers standard features for its passengers’ comfort, the higher trims give more to make sure that the passengers feel comfortable and convenient. One of the features available only in upper trims is leather upholstery as the seat’s material.

There is also a power-sliding-rear passenger door to make the passenger enter the car easily. Aside from that, an adjustable front seat, heated front seat, and a heated steering seat also available only in upper trims.

Even though the minivan features are somewhat decent, it can’t be said the same for the safety. The only advanced safety feature in the standard equipment of this car is a rearview camera.

Dodge Caravan 2024

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024 Price & Release Date

The latest Dodge Grand Caravan cost about $27.500 for the base version. The higher model cost about $30.000 to $42.000. However, there is news that the company that produces this minivan will stop production in May. There is a possibility the company won’t release this car, especially in the US.

Dodge Grand Caravan 2024 may end up just a name; however, the company has already prepared the replacement. Chrysler Voyager is a car that is going to replace the Dodge Grand Caravan. Will we see the latest Dodge Grand Caravan?