Chevy Silverado SS 2024: Electric Trucks and Release Date

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Chevy Silverado SS 2024: Electric Trucks and Release Date. The Chevy Silverado SS 2024 is one of the dream trucks fans would like to see as soon as possible. A few concepts and renders are drawing attention, but everything about this model is unofficial. Well, the pickup had this edition a long time ago. Since the Ram 1500 is now more popular than the Silverado, the GM will have to make a blast to catch up with the competition. The performance-oriented truck is definitely something that could work.

The SS edition needs to bring a powerful unit under the hood. A few possibilities are available. Plus, the body will have to be more aggressive. Some renderings are showing solutions and we can take these as possible. Lower suspension setup will provide better airflow, but the Chevy Silverado SS 2024 is not going to be capable of any off-roading. This version will be packed with advanced systems and technologies that will make its price go beyond the most expensive versions.

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Chevy Silverado SS 2024

Chevy Silverado SS 2024 Specs

There are a few options for the Chevy Silverado SS 2024. The most likely engine is the twin-turbo V8 the Cadillac CT6-V is using. This drivetrain is more powerful than the large 6.2-liter V8 with up to 550 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque. Engineers could tune a 4.2-liter mill to produce even more energy. Such outputs are more than enough for this kind of a truck and the company will definitely pair the engine with a new ten-speed automatic gearbox. Buyers of such configuration won’t care too much about the fuel economy. The Silverado SS is going to consume a lot of gasoline.

Chevy Silverado SS 2024

GM Electric Trucks

General Motors is planning to add an electric unit to its portfolio of big vehicles. We can hear that comeback of the Hummer nameplate is possible, with the truck version of the SUV also on the way. Well, the pickup model could carry a different name. Fans already started to explore possibilities and one of them is the Silverado SS. This would be a big turn for the pickup. We believe this outcome is possible. GM announced that their trucks’ future is electric and the first models could roll out from factory lines in 2022 or 2024.

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Chevy Silverado SS 2024

Chevy Silverado SS 2024


The Chevy Silverado SS 2024 would have a clear path to conquer the market. Other companies are out of the performance segment. Well, this is happening with reason– the market is not big and the interest is questionable. Trucks’ main rivals are now SUVs. Their versatility is killing other classes and pickups can survive thanks to their utilities. The SS badge is not going to be a hauler, but some truckers will be ready to spend an enormous sum of money for the truck that can compete with the most powerful SUVs and muscle cars.

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Well, the new engine and equipment upgrade will cost a lot. We assume the starting MSRP is going to be above the High Country edition. The Silverado SS is bringing a unique package. The only other version with such bundle is the all-new Blazer SUV, which will also debut in 2024.