VW Amarok 2024

VW Amarok 2024: Redesign and Photos

VW Amarok 2024: Redesign and Photos. Volkswagen Amarok or also known as VW Amarok, is a pickup truck brand that is a German production. Its first production was in 2005 and keeps going until now.

Other big brand does not underestimate VW Amarok because this brand is specialized in pickup trucks. It has reached a worldwide market and ready to face other competitors.

This company has announced to release of the new VW Amarok 2024. It is ready with new improvements, not only on the designs but also on the engines.

The marketplace is now starting to put interest in pickup trucks. Not only is it useful for lifting big items, but also it still could carry some passengers. Some users also use a pickup truck as their daily car.

That is why automotive brands are starting to innovate their pickup brands to satisfy the market. The VW Amarok 2024 has also been preparing to enter the market with some best features. Here are some things buyers should know first from this new product.

VW Amarok 2024

The Strong Engine

The VW Amarok has a V6 3.0 of Six Cylinders Device. It is quite a big machine for a pickup class. It is more environmentally friendly than the others in the pickup class. The engine machine has the same power of 220 horsepower. The position of the engine is located directly in the front trunk.

Driving the pickup on off-road or city road, the machine performs peacefully without any strong noise. The engine machine is safe and strong enough even though it gets through bumping and rough roads.

The fuel tank requires diesel and has a 9 liters full-size tank. The average usage for the fuel is 8,5 km/ liter for city rides. While for off-road rides, it takes about 9,3 km/liter.

VW Amarok 2024

Technology Features

Not only that, the design and engine are important, but also the technology features. The technology could add safety and comfort as well– for example, the post-collision braking brakes and the off-road ABS brakes. There are also many features to support the safety system to protect the passengers in dangerous mode. With this technology, users could ride safely with no worry and still a modest way.

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VW Amarok 2024 Redesign – Major Interior Design

The interior design in VW Amarok is presented nicely and comfortably. It offers a large space for both the first and second rows. Speaking about the details in the car, it is excellent.

The driver could control the infotainment from the steering wheels. It could keep the driver’s focus not disturbed. As for the cabin dashboard, the design is bold and sharp.

The front monitor is combined with a touchscreen and push-buttons. Smartphones could easily connect with the monitor.

There are a total of five seats for the passengers and driver. Unlikely other pickups, VW Amarok’s second row has a larger space than the others. The material seats use the best fine materials that are comfortable and easy to be cleaned.

The interior also provides two mug placements in the center and at the doors. It also has two saving box to keep some stuff inside the car. Like other cars, one is in the front of the cabin dashboard and the other in the car’s center.

VW Amarok 2024

The Masculine Exterior Design

VW Amarok is famous for its artistic design. This pickup is one of the examples of how this brand designs perfectly. Starting on the front bumper and light to the upper part of the pickup, up to the backside. Overall the exterior is presented in a masculine, sharp and bold design.

The front and the back bumper is high enough to avoid rock smashes and others. Since this car is also included as an off-road pickup. The front lights are not as wide as other luxury pickups truck, but it produces sharp and bright light.

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For access towards the inside, there are four-passenger doors. Because the door is quite high enough, there is also a footstep just right below the door. It helps passengers to “climb” into the car.

The material for the trunk at the back uses a fine fabric material. Pointy items would not easily leave marks. The color would also not ease to fade even though it gets hot, cold, and wet.

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To complete the master exterior look, the upper part of the pickup is completed with four sporty pointing lights. Users usually use it during the dark. To beauty the back trunk, a stain line metal presents surrounding the back part of the trunk.

VW Amarok 2024

VW Amarok 2024 Release Date And Price

The prediction of the release date is in late 2024 where it opens a pre-order system. However, the market is still waiting for the official announcement for the company.

The price would start at the price of $35,000 up to $45,000, depending on the model. Buyers could choose whether a single turbo diesel cabin or a dual-turbo diesel cabin. Or also between a normal Biturbo diesel or a trendline Biturbo diesel. It is quite a fine price to own a supreme pickup with an off-road driving experience.

The market would be waiting for the new VW Amarok 2024. Combining technology, engineering, and design produces one of the best pickups for the market. Ease for drivers, comfortable for the passengers. The pickup is still achievable at a fine price. The best part has a high-security system, and it is eco-friendly for the environment.

Is there a new VW Amarok coming?

Volkswagen is preparing the next generation of trucks with diesel and gasoline engines and will be on the market in 2022.

Does the Amarok have rear airbags?

No, the VW Amarok does not have a rear airbag. but has 2 airbags on the front.

How much is a Volkswagen Amarok?

The Current VW Amarok TDI420 (4 × 2) starts at $38,490, and V6 TDI 580 ULTIMATE is priced at $72,790.

What can a VW Amarok tow?

all versions of VW Amarok can tow up to 6.600 lbs trailer. Very Powerful

Does Amarok have Apple Carplay?

The Amarok V6 comes with Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink Interfaces. Each of these can be accessed through a 7-inch touchscreen.