Subaru Baja Pickup Truck 2024: Come Out?

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Subaru Baja Pickup Truck 2024: Come Out?. Baja was in the market for only four seasons, but it left a huge impact. Plus, the Japanese carmaker is providing a unique drive impression, which fans would like to see in the truck segment. The comeback of the Subaru Baja 2024 Pickup Truck is still only a rumor and the company is not confirming intentions of bringing back an old nameplate.

The situation in the truck market is becoming better. These vehicles were on the verge of discontinuation, with versatile SUVs offering all the things like pickups, and more. Now, the segment is recovering and we saw a few comebacks and interesting experimental moves. Some of them are Tesla’s electric Cybertruck and Ram’s high-output TRX Rebel with 702 horsepower. Ford and Jeep nameplates are back in the game.

Subaru had a tough period in the market, and only legendary Boxer engines kept the nameplate alive. Now, the lineup is expanding and experts are praising the new Ascent. The SUV might be the base for the Subaru Baja 2024 Pickup Truck, sharing engine and platform. It is hard to believe the Japanese engineers will be tasked with the new concept Body-on-frame is a long shot.

Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Comeback 2024

Subaru Baja 2024 Pickup Truck Specs

One thing should be easy to predict, even without reliable sources to confirm it. A six-cylinder unit is something that will make the Subaru Baja 2024 Pickup Truck competitive. A 3.6-liter displacement is available with 256 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. We’ll see how the company is going to tune it. However, the pickup will need at least 7,000 pounds of towing capacity. As we can guess, the famous four-wheel drive is standard. You can’t notice that on the price of Subaru vehicles. Other companies charge extra for such a power distribution.

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Still, the carmaker dropped a V6 from some of its cars in the past few years. Even a mid-size SUV, Ascent, is using a turbocharged four-cylinder unit. The flat-4 is good for 260 hp and 280 lb-ft of twist power. Again, that is somewhere around average values in the mid-size pickup segment. The driving impression and exceptional fuel economy are making Boxer mills so attractive. Still, Subaru is not covering the market like some other big manufacturers. The company needs to build a strong image to succeed in the new class. The previous edition of the Baja also featured a turbo-four engine. A lot of things have changed in the past 15 years.

Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Comeback 2024

What Makes Baja so Popular?

Love it or hate it, that was Baja truck. While some were impressed with awkward styling, it was a reason to attack the pickup’s design. The performance also split the market. Some consider it as a good car, but a bad truck. On the other hand, drivers were mostly happy because of the unique drive impression. All-wheel drive is going to be included when the Subaru Baja 2024 Pickup Truck comes back, as well as the Boxer engine with a low center of gravity. Like said, Subaru is not spread on the market like other Japanese manufacturers. It led to slow sales and the company decided to discontinue the Baja. Subaru made a partnership with Toyota, allowing it to produce vehicles in the same plants.

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Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Comeback 2024

When Will Subaru Baja 2024 Pickup Truck Be Available?

Subaru is silent. Enthusiasts would say that is not a denial. From a neutral point of a view– the Subaru Baja 2024 Pickup Truck is not happening. This would be a huge investment and experiment. Currently, the future is very unpredictable, so all the novelties are related to safe bets. Upgrading popular existing models is something that can make a profit. The mid-size truck market is currently very crowded. Plus, the slowest-selling model is the only one not using BoF, but unibody architecture. So, Subaru can not count on the immediate impact of existing platforms it offers.

One of the options for the company is to make firms. Toyota is already a partner, but they won’t give up the share of the market. It is more likely to see some kind of a deal between Subaru and Kia or Hyundai. Two Korean companies are favorites to produce a truck in foreseeable future. Santa Cruz is almost out, while the Kia is reviving interest in the Mojave concept.

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Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Comeback 2024